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    Quick Draw Straight Trailers

    Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems™ are a premium quality rolling tarp system for flatbed trucks, trailers and drop deck trailers. The present track, wheels and framework were developed and optimized in 1996. The time-tested design insures maximum replacement part compatibility and has customers praising a system that can last for over ten years with minimal maintenance and repair costs.

    Customers know they made the best choice with feature rich, winning design known for its tightly tensioned tarps.

    Every Quick Draw includes standard features such as a complete tarp tensioning mechanisms in the front and back; an adjustable rear bow that maximizes bed space at the back and compensates for tarp stretch over time; a strong and slim front mounted headboard that maximizes bed space at the front; a warranty that includes both parts and labor.



    The patented 4″ aluminum track design is equipped with a built in bumper bar and a tough liner that the wheels run along which saves the track from unnecessary wear and ruts. 4″ top rolling greasible wheels are used and are the largest in the industry. The larger the wheel, the easier they are to roll, putting less strain on the wheels and the operator. Binding does not occur because these wheels roll on top of the track where any debris can easily be swept away.

    QD Modular Design


    The Quick Draw is composed of a durable, high quality extruded aluminum framework combined with die cast bolted connections. Virtually all components are replaceable in the field without any welding. Parts are standardized, interchangeable and always in stock making service work fast and simple

    QD Front Tensioning


    The tarp system can be opened and closed completely from the front of the vehicle. A ratchet winch at each front corner allows the front bow to be fully tensioned and sealed to the headboard without the need to perform tensioning at the back of the vehicle. With Quick Draw, you can operate the system from the front or back and always achieve a tight tarp tension.

    QD headboard


    Headboards are made from 3/16″ aluminum and feature 4 uprights constructed of 4″ aluminum channel, making it both rugged and lightweight. Headboards are slim with a total depth of 5″ and are mounted to the front of the flatbed so that no bed space is lost


    Tight stretched tarps are proven to last longer! Quick Draw systems allow the operator to continuously;y keep tarps tight over the years. The rear bow sits at the very end of the bed allowing for maximum bed space ands can always be adjusted to that same point without compromising tarp tightness regardless of load or trailer arch.


    Quick Draw can accommodate numerous tie down methods without sacrificing the weatherproof design. If you have existing pockets,chains or straps can be passed through the pockets or behind the track without disturbing the tarp system. The bottom of the pockets are covered with a weather seal to keep the load dry and clean. If there are no pockets, 3/8″ spacers are installed along the side rail which allow the passing of straps. Spacers can be applied to one or both sides of the flatbed and slider winch track can also be installed for more versatility. The flat hook portion of the strap is mounted to the opposite side and remains securely in place. In some cases, D-rings are installed and a chain anchor style strap is used.

    SELF SEALING: No bungy cords or cables

    Under tension, the tarp will seal itself along the bottom edge creating a weatherproof barrier without inconvenience of bungy cords and without an abrasive cable system that can wear the tarp.


    Serial numbers are assigned to each system sold to provide a record for exact replacement parts and replacement graphics.

    SAFE- Total Ground Control

    The system is completely operated from the ground greatly reducing the chance of injuries. There are no awkward posts to remove or cumbersome ratchet straps to undo.


    The system can be opened and closed within minutes by one person from either side of the vehicle. The unique track and wheel design combined with a durable bow structure provides years of trouble free operation.


    An 8′ high system on a 48′ long trailer adds under 1700 pounds (total weight of entire tarp system including headboard).


    When the tarp system is fully opened, it occupies only 8 feet of bed space on a 48 foot long trailer


    Quick Draw covers flatbeds ranging in length from 8 feet to 53 ft. Nominal system heights include 6, 7, and 8 foot for straight flatbeds, 10 feet for drop deck trailers and 12 feet for double drop trailers. Systems can optionally be custom sized to fit nearly any flatbed.


    Quick Draw comes with a standard 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. The 4″ top rolling wheels (including bearings), the intermediate bows and die cast corners are covered with an exclusive 5 year warranty! ( under normal usage). The Quick Draw warranty covers both parts and labor. Every Quick Draw system includes a written warranty and FREE 6 month and 12 month inspections.


    This standard feature allows extra light in the cargo area.

    QD Rear Roll up flap


    Quick Draw comes with a unique roll up flap that allows the maximum clearance over your load because it can be rolled up over the top of the rear bow.

    QD tarp material


    All tarps are manufactured in house using a high quality 20-22 oz. PVC formulated, ultra violet light, rot and mildew resistant tarpaulin. A urethane finish creates easy cleaning and a glossy professional look. The tarp material comes in a wide selection of colors.

    Contact Details

    Michel's Industries Ltd.
    P.O. Box 119, #3 Entrance Road
    St. Gregor, Sk., Canada S0K 3X0

    Phone - 306.366.2184
    Fax - 306.366.2145
    Email - [email protected]

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